Bo.Yin.Ra.(29.years)This web site is dedicated to the most recently publicly known Messenger of the Brotherhood of Primordial Light (Leuchtende des Urlichts), Bô Yin Râ.

Bô Yin Râ lived between 1876 and 1943, mostly in Germany and Switzerland, as a painter by profession, with the civil name Joseph A. Schneiderfranken.

It is not easy to present this very special man, but his books and paintings speak for themselves. They are like soul-awakening reflections of innumerous dimensions of immaculate spiritual reality…

The main goal of this site is to present the precious work of this Messenger of Primordial Light to the Serbian/Croatian speaking public, including first translations of his books in this language.

“Solely unlimited love for all that is eternally worthy of love, which one sees given in each of one’s fellow human beings, even if most of them are scarcely aware of it, is able to create the energy to open oneself again and again from within the Eternal, despite knowing that even so, for most of one’s fellowmen, one is bound to remain a hortus conclusus.” Bô Yin Râ